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I’ve never expected much from the Harry Potter film franchise. It has nice visual effects, a fair few national treasures crapping around and having fun, but the way it’s adapted, for me at least, has always been really awkward. I put this down to the fact that the movies came out almost alongside the books, when I really think it would have been more reasonable to make the first movie maybe around the time the fourth or fifth book was coming out. This was one of the few positives of the Twilight franchise - the first movie came out in the same year the last book was published. While the Harry Potter books were published over a much longer time period (though relatively not that long, as the four Twilight books were published over a 5 year span versus the Harry Potter books, which took about 10 years in total) the movie franchise still should have started a good couple years later than it did. But we’ve got to get those toys out on the market, don’t we?

My basic opinion: it had some good points, but overall I think it was fundamentally terrible as a movie.

Extended opinion under the cut. (Spoilers)Collapse )
1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and link to) 6 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

1. Meltdown - Vocaloid (Rin/Nico Nico Chorus): Say what you like about the Vocaloid fandom, the music itself is usually pretty cool and it produces some good cover artists. This is an awesome song from a cool phenomenon.
2. My Mirror Speaks - Death Cab for Cutie: This is actually on Peter's soundtrack, and definitely one of my favourite DCFC songs. At least since Transatlanticism.
3. Marwood Walks - David Dundas and Rick Wentworth: I love this movie with an unbridled passion, and I love the soundtrack like nothing else. I find this track in particular very atmospheric.
4. Michael - Franz Ferdinand: What part of this song doesn't make you do a very silly dance while you're listening to it?
5. Matthew 25:21 - The Mountain Goats: This album. Just. This. Album.
6. Myxomatosis - Radiohead: Another song that makes me think of a scene in a really grimy strip club in a really gritty movie.


❛ Unbiddable, ungovernable – like a riot in the heart, and nothing to be done, come ruin or rapture. ❜

Halloween, 1981. A prophecy fulfilled. A child's life cut short.

Rise if you're sleeping, stay awake.
In need of Order members, Death Eaters, and everyone else.

...Not really, but for a second I thought so. It's the eyebrows, I think.

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Dec. 31st, 2010

So I saw Tron: Legacy, and I think that GIF sums up a major reason why I saw it. For Colin Meloy's estranged, skinnier twin brother. He does do a pretty good job with his two minutes of screentime, managing to ham it up and make sure you know that he's going to be the villain in the next movie. Evidently Hollywood is only now discovering that hipsters are an untapped well of eeeevil.

Subtlety was not Tron's strong point, to say the least. It had a way of knocking you unconscious with foreshadowing. That is why there will be no spoiler tags in this review.

I went to see this movie for three reasons: Pretty effects, Daft Punk, and Cillian Meloy up there. I got all three of those things, and so I was happy. The movie's plot and tone are not dissimilar to a Saturday morning cartoon. The only people who weren't over-acting were Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde, there were a lot of mooks to be killed (in sometimes rather disturbing ways, such as the one who basically gets a giant hole through his face), more cliches than you could fit in an oversized metaphor, and Jeff Bridges exploding. Despite this, the movie wasn't bad. It was much more Disney than it was Hollywood, and despite having all the makings of a bad movie, it didn't have that whole eyebrow-raising cleavage-tastic sneering Seth Rogen awfulness about it. Despite Garrett Hedlund's Motorcycle-Stu, it had more than enough charm to make up for its back of originality in concept. If there were more movies like Tron: Legacy around, even if they weren't quite so special-effects heavy, I would like the world a little bit more.

And it had a not-so-androgynous Ziggy Stardust in it. What more could you want?



So don't tell me our childhood's over
Don't tell me you're an adult now
You've put away your games
And now it's time to join the race
Your eyes and sickened smile
Match that dreary life
You bought with her

We lay together when there was no one left to save us then
The government can't always help you
We were quick to learn
But now I stand here alone in the apartment that we shared
Just the two of us and one dark secret
(You can't leave me here!)

What can I do without your arms around me
Keeping me from falling though the cracks

Don't look at me like that


Summer of nineteen-sixty-three
My heart stops beating
Electrical impulses
Stand-still don't go
Muscles froze in mid-twitch

Time - only moves forward


Points radiating from an infinite spot
One line to connect it all
One man laying here between
Those atom-thin dimensions
Are entire possibilities
From a factional second
A descent into insanity

Separation from reality

Move me up and down
If heaven is a big white room
I must be dead
And I want to do some travelling
So take me to the ceiling
And take me to the floor

My mind now needs a guide because
My eyes are still forevermore

When time itself's left me behind
The road from here left undefined

It's cruelty
That the only thing unshackled is my mind


I've waited for four days or more
Heading all you say
And packed up all my Sunday clothes
For the day we run away
But lay me on the tile floor
And tell me about sunlight
Highways winding out of here
And everything is alright

But sorrow brings the memories I
Have never left behind
Stick me up with needles and
The trauma does subside

Just take my hand and lead me out


And now I see that your wicked words are ending
But you needn't worry
Cos' I've (got) no pains comprehending
I'll wipe the droll from 'neath your chin
And we'll go walking down

If sickness take my eyes by morning
Let cracks in pavement guide me on
Ash will make a blanket for you
Go to sleep
In fact, it's not really bad at all, it just kind of makes me leery about the overall quality of the game.

So I joined a game a few days ago which hasn't started yet because there aren't enough characters. Everyone seems nice, the people they're accepting seem all okay, we chatted about plot and the co-mod seems to have a very specific idea of where her character is going but that's alright because she doesn't have it entirely developed and it seems like there will be room for things to potentially go differently.

Now, it's much too early on for me to be making judgments, but when I logged into my character's journal today I saw a thread in the IC comm already. It was between the mod and the co-mod, who play Remus and Tonks respectively (along with a few other characters). This is no biggie, really. the slightly head-desky part comes in when they start having sex about ten-fifteen posts in. In-game this would be reasonable since they're married and all, but I feel like if it happens before the game even starts it sets a bad tone. This might just be because of my experience, the game could become completely awesome.

It does make me a bit nervous, though, especially since I'm playing a 59-year-old character. Am I overreacting?


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